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automaton creative video agency

We create videos + graphics for brands that want to connect with customers and start a conversation. If your company or organization is looking for some creative help, contact us, we’ve helped clients of all sizes create the perfect content.


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They trust us, we tell a story, users watch, everybody wins.

“With our new video, customers know more than just our name, they know our story and what we believe in. Automaton gave us more than just an ad, it’s the icebreaker to our most valuable conversations.” –Jerrol LeBaron, Inktip CEO

“Automaton did an amazing job for a very competitive price, was swift with the turnaround on final deliverables, and responsive to our direction and vision of our video.”
–Chathri M, TalkTECH Communications Partner

“We needed a creative team capable of grasping the tech and communicating its importance to the public, Automaton’s assistance was invaluable. Whether we needed content generation, voice acting, SEO specialists, blogger contacts, social media managers, or smart brainstormers for new ways to promote our products, the team weas invariably able to provide the right creative people on a short timeline, and to deliver quantifiable results.” –Jennifer L, QuantumFilm Program Manager at Invisage Tech




In 2009, we set off to create a new kind of video agency, run by filmmakers, driven by cinematic storytelling. A collective of video passion. This adventure has come to be called Automaton Creative, the name reflects our core focus on the collision between technology and artistry.

We’ve worked with entertainment, media, and technology brands across a triplet of expertises: video, design, & digital advertising. When generating a creative concept, we’re focused on delivering the rich visual storytelling that viewers have come to expect from their most trusted brands, and adapting that story for a video, image, ad, or website. But we don’t just work for big brands; as natives of Silicon Valley our co-owners have the startup bug, and are proud to have done brand launches for a dozen lean tech startups, helping close over $1.5 million in early stage financing. We love a challenge.

tl;dr – We create awesome videos, nice websites, pretty graphics, and intricately crafted ad campaigns.

Mostly though, We Love Video and want to have a million of its babies.

Automaton Creative was founded by Rene Amador and Jocelyn Hsu. In 2002, they created Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Movie. one of the first viral videos to get millions of views, and at 14 minutes was the longest viral video in the world when it came out. In the next decade, they were approached by more than 150 agencies, brands, and filmmakers to create over 350 original works, and now enjoy serving as de facto digital content gurus. You can watch a few of their award-winning original shorts at NEWMYTHIC.

If you’d like to learn more, follow us on instagramfacebook or vimeo.