We create videos and graphics for brands that want to connect with customers and start a conversation. Our clients range from small startups to large corporations.
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UPDATE: The New York Times just covered the story and linked to daqri’s landing page where our video is featured!

When Demeter Interactive, the awesome ad agency run by our good friends Jesse Bouman and Gaia Dempsey, told us their new client needed a video for its beta launch, we got the strong impression this was going to be something big.  Then when they told us what the company’s vision was, we realized we were becoming involved in something that could change the world.  The resulting video was easy, and today, the world can see what we saw and decide for themselves.

It’s called daqri, they presented at the Launch Conference in San Francisco today, where they introduced the product to industry insiders and investors. The reception was really amazing, and even though daqri was one of many companies that presented, the discussion afterwards was dominated by the potential that people saw in daqri.  While many other companies today are interested in basically creating a better mousetrap or creating a system for managing those mousetraps, daqri is creating a completely new media platform that allows expression, information, creativity, entertainment, etc.

The beta is open now, if you’re a creative, if you’re interested in something that could conceivably replace the web browser as the delivery point for content, then definitely sign up.

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