We create videos and graphics for brands that want to connect with customers and start a conversation. Our clients range from small startups to large corporations.
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Automaton Creative has been tapped to produce 3 web ads for Verizon’s 4G LTE launch campaign for December 2010.  Director Rene Amador and Producer Jocelyn Hsu, the founders and owners of Automaton Creative, will make up the creative and production team.  The web campaign is being put together by Moxie Interactive, one of the largest digital ad agencies, and StudioNow, a digital agency/network.  In the past, Rene and Jocelyn have had a strong relationship with StudioNow in tackling video campaigns for their largest clients, including Starbucks, Playboy, and AOL.

StudioNow felt that Automaton was the correct choice for this campaign, one of the first in what is a new but rapidly expanding sector in commercial video: web ad campaigns that require best practices in video production.

UPDATE: December 4, 2010: We got our sound design from Scott Kramer this evening and have delivered proposed finals to the client.  Special thanks to Scott at ninethousandcycles for his fast and awesome work.

UPDATE: November 29, 2010: Principal photography for these three ads completed yesterday.  We feel very lucky in the casting options we were given, and we’d like to thank Jack Mezzio, Chad Neace, and Irena Murphy for their excellent work.  We’d also like to thank our location manager David Williams, our camera provider and consultant CM de la Vega, Dean Tait of Tait Ranch in Frazier Park, CandyMachines.com, Griswold & Griswold Insurance Agency, Ben Tyson at StudioNow, and the team at Moxie.   – Rene & Jocelyn

Technical Notes: Shot on Canon 7D with 55mm Canon fixed lens and Canon 17-85mm zoom lens.  Post and mastering done on Sony Vegas.